December 18,2017 -

Why is customer loyalty important to your business?

Everyone knows customers should be at the heart of a business, it is vital to remember that keeping existing customers is just as important as getting new customers. Loyal Customers are extremely valuable to any brand and by not investing in customer loyalty, your business may end up losing more customers than it gains.

A few of the most important reasons why customer loyalty is important to your business are outlined below.

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Repeat Business


Building customer loyalty is important as it often leads to more business. Loyal customers will purchase your goods or services repeatedly if they are happy with the service they are receiving. Your loyal customers tend to make more than one single transaction and are more likely to try different products or services your business has to offer. Your existing customers generate more profit compared to new customers, having already built the relationship and trust, loyal customers will spend more money over time.


Cross Selling Opportunities


Your customers who are loyal to your brand trust you to provide quality products or services along with good customer service. This creates the perfect opportunity to fulfil your customers’ needs by selling across product lines. You can discover other ways your business can help your customers to reach their goals. This will increase your sales volume without having to focus too much on attracting new customers.


Word of mouth Marketing


The power of word of mouth is crucial when it comes to marketing your business. Loyal customers help you spread the word and become brand ambassadors.

Loyal customers are instrumental in helping you spread the word and become brand ambassadors. By giving your customers a positive experience they’re more likely to share this experience with their friends and family. Relationships are built through word of mouth and referrals, people are generally more influenced by people they know, from this your loyal customers give your brand a positive head-start when it comes to those who are unfamiliar with your business.


Setting yourself apart from competitors


Personal touch can separate you from your bigger competitors and encourages your customers to return. If loyal customers feel they are getting good value, quality and service from you they are less likely to go elsewhere. Always go the extra mile to stay in touch, occasions are the best way to show your appreciation. Send Christmas cards or wish them a happy birthday, it’s the smaller things that make customers remember your business. Not only will this recognition show that you care but it can also initiate helpful feedback enabling you to shape your business for the future. It is essential you hire employees that will be able to build and maintain this relationship with your customers, it is vital you combine professional and personal skills.


Benefit of the Doubt

We’re humans not robots and things go awry sometimes. It can be that you get an order wrong or you don’t meet the deadline promised. These mistakes can most definitely ruin damage your business’ reputation in the eyes of a new customer, however loyal customers are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt and overlook errors. By maintaining the level of customer service, it took to gain the brand loyalty, will be more forgiving when things go wrong. By not maintaining this loyalty, little mistakes are very easy ways of losing customers.


Economic Advantages


By following all the points above, building and retaining a loyal customer base helps your business economically by helping you to save money in addition to making it. Building and retaining a loyal customer base makes sense economically, it can help your business save money – as well as making money. Retaining customers increases your company’s profitability as existing customers cost less. They can educate new customers about your products or services through word of mouth and referrals and lastly, they spend more with your business over their lifetime helping you build profit.


A loyal customer base is so important to a business and shouldn’t be ignored in favour of new customers. Investing time and energy in promoting customer loyalty should be an integral component of any business’ marketing strategy.



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