January 19,2015 -

What Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Responsive design

Web Design Trends

With the constant development of multi-format technology, responsive design has become a must for companies in order to ensure customers have constant access to their websites be it on their PCs, tabs or mobile phones. With more websites incorporating responsive design in 2014, it looks like it’s here to stay so make sure you get on board in 2015 too.

Ghost Buttons

With their minimalistic yet tasteful design, ghost buttons have only grown in popularity. If your website uses high resolution pictures or designs and you want to use buttons that wont get in the way, then Ghost buttons are the way to go.

Videos and Images

Videos and Images

For Ghost buttons to be of use, a captivating background is essential. We all know that an image can be a powerful force in any format and when you bring it to a webpage, well you know how much more appealing imagery is over text heavy pages. Videos and parallax backgrounds too could give your pages that extra edge especially if coupled with some decent typography.



With typography fonts becoming more affordable than they used to, using text-heavy pages are not going to be too heavy for your budget. Now WordPress designers can flex their typography muscles and add that extra element to your repertoire.


Introducing scrolling to your page immediately makes it a more intuitive one. Clients who view your page will have a more enjoyable experience scrolling rather than clicking. Scrolling also saves time – an essential to keep your clients from clicking elsewhere.


Cards are a great way to draw the viewers attention to multiple posts on your website, Its modular design ensures that a high amount of information can be displayed on a single page without it looking cluttered. The card design works well with interactive pages and is good at keeping viewers clicking.

Material Design

The minimalistic  look of ‘Flat design’ with its simplicity gained popularity with Google introducing it in its programmes, the look has somewhat evolved to what is known as material design that somewhat marries the natural properties of items  to flat design. The designs when given slight animations definitely catch the eye and should definitely be something that will grow in popularity.



These are the well designed popups that are usually slightly animated. Microinteractions were preceded by boring static tasteless adverts that more likely pushed away visitors. Today microinteractions have shown to increase user interaction. It’s likely that the area will continue to develop, bringing in new and innovative ways to capture viewers better.

Personalized UX

While reminding revisitors of what they went through when they last visited might sound a bit intrusive, using cookies to do so as done in some major pages such as Youtube, can actually turn out to be helpful to visitors in case they’d like to leave a comment on something they read earlier and how it helped. It’s a good way of keeping them involved with the page and possibly point them in the direction of other suggestions.


Being able to put your content into a form that flows efficiently is a skill that incorporates all of the above and a bit more. By making your brand values and purpose pronounce themselves through these techniques would ensure you have a winning combination.



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