June 30,2014 -

Ways to Increase Sales on Your Magento Store

Using Magento as a platform for your eCommerce site is one of the smartest moves a company can make. With top-rated features, Magento eCommerce is one of the fastest selling platforms on the market, but sometimes having the right tools in the box is not enough. Like selling offline in a storefront, there are a few tricks that sellers have learned that have helped increase sales. Here are four of the best ways to increase online sales.

  1. Focus on your site visitors–not yourself. recommends that sellers look at their eCommerce site from the perspective of those who are visiting it. “The most successful sales copy focuses on the reader.” They advise sellers to analyse the content on the page and remove first and second person sentences—instead make the content about the visitor and how your service/product can help them. They give this example: “I designed my time-management software with the busy homeowner in mind.” Phrasing like this often comes off like an interview, instead of a sales pitch. Switching it to something like “Your new time-management software will free up hours of time for you to spend with your family…” creates a sense of intention and personal focus, which makes good business sense. Customers are buying a product, not a person.
  2. Think about your target market. From, MarketingDonut, this advice, like the previous tip is often understood but rarely practiced. Years ago, most online stores were almost exclusively frequented by a younger, tech savvy crowd and sites were more rudimentary. As eCommerce sites became more secure and commonplace, the more demographics were represented online. Online customers want sites that are tailored towards them and how they like to purchase goods and services, so it is important to do your research and know your target market.
  3. Optimize like crazy. From, this is one we cannot stress enough. Many people carry smartphones or tablets these days, and a lot of online business is transacted on them. Having a multi-platform eCommerce site makes sense. Nothing frustrates a buyer more than a site that is not touch responsive, slow, or difficult to navigate. With a little planning, investing in this could pay off in dividends.
  4. Spruce up your site and service. This Microsoft tip is one of the best, and they say it’s the best. “The goal is to get customers to return and to spread the word among friends and family that your online shop is worth a visit. So, do everything you can to make the experience fast, fun, and fabulously better than your competitors.” Whether it is offering 100% money back guarantees, free shipping, installing a live chat feature, or quickly responding to customer queries, selling in the digital age is all about standing apart from the crowd. On the Internet, word of mouth is one of the main ways to drive up sales, as happy customers will be willing to promote you.

The above four ways can help in increasing sales of your Magento store without being burned online, also by taking that extra step to protect your consumers, the impact will be unbelievable.

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