March 9,2015 -

The 6 steps to a better e-commerce brand

If you own your own Magento e-commerce store, it’s all well and good that you are constantly looking at promoting your products via social media outlets, but have you thought well and hard about your branding? No, not just the logo but what your product really means and stands for? If so you probably don’t need to read any further but if not, these 6 steps might come in handy!

What you need to do first is think about some of your favourite products. Maybe those Jimmy Choos you bought the other day or your streamlined iPad that gives you the peace of mind that you have a superior product that excites you. That’s what your brand should mean to your consumers and to get there, you need to think about your brand principles and the feel of the product. That’s your brand.

By knowing exactly what your brand stands for and being able to stick to it no matter what, you give it a personality of its own, one that can turn out to be a powerful tool. Making sure you use this tool to help your consumers build a bond to your product and relate to it is the key to a successful brand that sells itself.

It doesn’t always take a loaded wallet to achieve the success of some of the most popular global brands, sometimes it’s just a simple thought and an un-thought of area in the market that you need to tap into. It’s quite easy for a start-up brand to struggle to stay afloat amidst stiff competition, but if your are able to find that unchartered area, your are sorted.

1. Get into the customer’s boots

Remember it doesn’t matter what you strongly believe in, if your customer base doesn’t agree, you have to re-think your approach. Always remember your consumer’s requirements and interests, that will lead you to the success of your brand. Don’t worry if you are not sure who your audience is, don’t worry, it happens. What you need to do is look through past experiences you’ve had with your customers, what their feedback has been, analytics and trends, all these will spell out your ideal customer. If you haven’t had a decent history of sales for the statistics, make sure you start getting input and feedback from today.

2. Share share share…

Stories are best shared through other people, lt’s this commonly accepted rule that applies through modern technology where brands share their stories via social media and even commercials. Remember, your story should have an emotional connection to your customers so it needs to break free of the corporate clatter and speak straight from the heart.

3. Build a following

As in anything, people will only show an interest if they can draw similarities with it. It is for this reason that your brand should be built around a strong set of ideals that would guarantee a strong and faithful following. With a growing following comes more friends of followers who will in turn carry the torch. Make sure your brand conveys the feeling of hope and progress and all good things will follow.

4. Achievable expectations

Always stay realistic and don’t shoot high if you know you can’t deliver. It is always tempting to go over the top, especially if you are in an ocean of strong competitors, but one thing that can really kill a brand is if it can’t fulfill promises. One slipup on this very easy mistake is enough, so always be aware of what you portray and keep it real.

5. Focus

Possibly one of the most powerful things you can do as a brand is to ignore those outside your target audience. You have to face that you are never going to be able to please everyone, and so by tailoring your approach and concept to your audience, you prove to your audience that you believe in them individually and demand their fullest attention.

6. Upgrade and refine

By making it a habit to put yourself in your customers shoes, you will constantly be able to identify areas that work and those that don’t. Constantly chip off the excess bits until you have your ideal customer and ask how you can improve the customer’s life and add true value to it. A successful brand will always grow and learn.

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