June 18,2013 -

Steps to Hire a Magento Developer that is Right for Business

As far as the expanding world of ecommerce is concerned, Magento stands as one of the most widely used and well liked platforms. Unlike other ecommerce sites, Magento offers a unique interactive and dynamic environment that businesses can truly utilize to their greatest advantage, Unfortunately, Magento offers much in the way of technical elements, and is best utilized by an experienced and trustworthy Magento developer. The decision to hire a Magento developer for one’s ecommerce needs stems from a variety of beneficial factors, but how does one go about finding the right developer? The following is a brief guide to getting the most out of one’s Magento system by choosing the right developer.

how to hire magento developersAlthough once developed, Magento is one of the most user friendly ecommerce sites, the actual development can be quite tricky, and as such requires a deft hand and great deal of skill. The amount of developers out there that claim to be adept at developing Magento systems can be overwhelming and incredibly intimidating; sorting the qualified from the scammers is important if one wants the best from their ecommerce platform. One of the best ways to start ones search for a competent developer is to look at the Magento commerce website itself, and scroll through its database of associated companies. Even if one does not choose to hire a Magento developer off this list, it is a good jumping off point to seeing what qualities to look for. A developer, who is connected with Magento support and other services, will be ideal for ones developing needs.

One of the things that an individual or business should keep in mind when looking to hire a Magento developer is the scope of one’s project. Knowing the level of expertise, breadth of knowledge, and resources the developer needs to have to take one ones chosen Magento project is vital in selecting the developer that is most suitable. For example, if a small business is taking its first steps to implement the most basic community version of Magento but knows little about setting up ecommerce websites, one does not need the premium development package. Up selling is part of the ecommerce industry, but if ones needs are small, keep the price and scope of project low, and find a developer who understands this. However, is a company is dealing with a large catalogue of products and services, and perhaps requires integration with existing complex software, hire a Magento developer that is well connected and qualified to handle large projects.

Once the research has been done, and a shortlist of developers has been formulated, take the time to look at their portfolios. A good Magento developer will be proud of their clients and the projects that they have completed; this should be displayed on their website or produced willingly. When browsing through potential Magento developers like us , look for websites on their portfolios that fit the image of what your business or company is looking for. And although for ecommerce it is not uncommon to hire a Magento developer without meeting in person, this is generally a good idea. Particularly if ones Magento package carries with it a great level of complexity, it is best to meet face to face to determine if the developer can truly handle the project.

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