December 13,2017 -

Here are six of our favourite Magento 2.0 features

Magento 2 has become the leading enterprise ecommerce platform utilized by thousands of online retailers. With the launch of Magento 2.0, a new era of eCommerce innovation was revealed. If you have previously worked with Magento, you will be familiar with all the features it has offer, however, with Magento 2, they took it to a whole new level. The upgrade includes incredible upgrades that will help you create a great ecommerce website.

Here are six of our favourite Magento 2.0 features:

1. Easier admin with simplified dashboards

Magento have answered our prayers and 2.0 comes with a new and simplified dashboard. Compared to the panels in Magento 1.x, 2.0 includes a more straightforward dashboard compared to previous versions. Some may compare it to the simple dashboards of sites like WordPress. CMS functions are also implemented from the dashboard in Magento 2, keeping everything in the same place. The dashboard is vastly improved in the new version and the different options are excellently placed on different kinds of websites. With the new and improved look and options available, it enables developers to create better content management functions.

2. Safer and more secure upgrades and payments.

The upgrade to Magento 2 allows customers to checkout as guests. Your customers can easily logout without having to worry about passwords. The best thing of Magento 2 is one-click profile creation and conversion rates, it supports server validation, thus assuring improved security.

It can be argued there’s always room to make operations safer, because of this Magento 2.0 includes an automatic upgrade installer to keep all systems up to date, and keep your website as tight as possible against faulty codes and potential outside hacks or breaches. It also allows integration with PayPal, Braintree payments, and the payment gateways to give your customers a variety of payment options.

3. New and better extensions

Magento 1 had a variety of excellent extensions, as a result they made its predecessor the most popular eCommerce platform worldwide. Magento 2.0 has new and better extensions with its upgrade. It was feared at the beginning that Magento 2.0 wouldn’t quite be up to scratch, however if your website has been running Magento 1.x for the last few years you probably have up to a few dozen extensions at this point. Think of the implementation of 2.0 as a chance for old extensions to get a fresh new look, and as an opportunity for new and better extensions to take the field.

4. Compatibility with various databases

The great thing about Magento 2.0 is the fact it uses PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework to manage its performances of cache engine, database access layer and translations. Altogether, it supports MSSQL and Oracle that is great for Windows Platform Server. Magento 2.0 is ideal if you have an ERP you want your website to interact with.


5. Faster coding opportunities

Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2.0 offers developers faster coding opportunities. These process faster and permits developers to use more elaborate content management system functions. The upgrade is designed in a modular manner, such a way allows online stores to work as rich websites that have a lot of content that works perfectly well and stays connected on different internal pages.

6. Automated testing

Developers can setup automated tests without any trouble through Magento 2.0. Along with the automated tests, it comes with a flawless testing framework for Performance Tests, Static Tests, Integration Tests, Unit Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, and JavaScript Unit Tests.

What next?

So now it’s time to try and experience new things from Magento 2 and Magento 2 extensions. Find out how we can help you grow your business online with a Magento eCommerce website.

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