May 4,2012 -

SEO Check List for a New Website

Building a new website for your existing business or for the business that you are starting can be a challenging task. You must take time to select a good web design company and entrust them with your ideas, enquire about the expected time the project would require, get ready with your content, list of images and so on. You need to be very careful and ensure that your website is search engine friendly.

Many ask, what’s the SEO check list for a good website? Here is quick guideline for what you should be doing? Consideration of these factors can improve ranking of your website and increase traffic as well:

1) Accessibility – Make sure your website has all the relevant title tags, no 404 errors, relevant short Meta tags, and Meta details. All these are good practices and Google (and other search engines) likes to see good accessibility throughout the site

2) Tools – Installing tools such as Google webmaster tools can be imperative. This will allow Google to verify your site, and allow you to monitor the progress of the site.

3) Keyword Target – Selecting correct keywords will be essential to the success of the website. When selecting keywords it’s very important that you do some research on search volumes of each keyword. Further, your selected keyword should be relevant to your core business area.

4) Content Quality and Value – Good content can make or break your website. Since 2010, April (much talked Google Panda update) Google has given huge province to on page content. Your web copy should content the following:

a. Original content
b. Image areas to enhance the descriptions
c. References

All the above factors not only boost your search engine visibility, but also give your potential customers interesting facts about your company and its services.

5) Design Quality, Navigation, and Usability – Apart from all the aforementioned factors, your site should look professional and pleasing for your potential customers as well. Hence, good design, easy to understand navigation improves the chances of attracting attention and interest among the visitors and clients in your services.

6) Social Media – Use of social media constitute an important part of the broader strategy. Social media not only gives you valuable links but also allows your business to connect to your target audience. In our opinion every site should be connected to the four major social networking sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, but potential of each will depends upon your business sector.

7) Link Building – Build only high quality links, say no to low quality links.

a. High Quality Links- Start with your business contacts and customers; ask them to pass a link back to your website. Apart from that all following link building from areas are largely regarded as good practice
– Guess posting content sites(genuine sites ) ,
– Crunchbase , Wikipedia , industry related website ,
– Good press and blog sites.
– Social media links
Yes above takes time and effort, however; you have to consider this to be a long-term investment / foundation for your organisation.

b. Say no to reciprocal link partners, paid links, low quality directories, article spinning, and link farms.

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