August 19,2013 -

One Creations Completes Its 20th Magento Project for 2013

(Hertfordshire, UK, Aug. 19, 2013) —- Representative with One Creations ( announced today that it has completed its 20th Magento project for 2013.

“We’re so excited to be at this point of the business year,” said Nick Trinnaman, marketing manager and spokesman for One Creations. “We’ve helped many small to medium-sized companies to experience the full potential of the Magento ecommerce system.”

Magento is an ecommerce platform that lets website owners list items for sale online as part of an online shop. It supports checkout with many different payment methods, a range of extensions, and is currently the fastest growing solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Trinnaman pointed out that One Creations has invested significantly in Magento through staff training, Magento partnerships and certifications, as well as creating best practices guides, and more.

The company spokesman went on to added that although One Creations is excited to have completed 20 Magento projects this year, the company’s ultimate goal is to become the preferred Magento solution provider by 2015 in London and Hertfordshire.

“Our team of highly skilled web designers utilizes Magento to create websites that really work, not just look pretty,” Trinnaman stressed. “We don’t use template-based designs either. All our designs are made from scratch to match your expectations and requirements. Basically, it’s tailor made for our clients’ requirements.”

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