April 2,2013 -

One Creations Announces the Launch of Beta Website for Office Winner


One Creations’ representative proudly announced the launch of beta website for Office Winner, selling office supplies and helping customers earn cash back for their future purchases.

One Creations’ spokesman and marketing manager, Nick Trinnaman said the Office Winner website was based on Magento Community.

Trinnaman said, “We are excited about the new features we have developed for the Office Winner’s website. He further added, “Functional aspects and the visual appeal make the site simple, easy and quick for the visitors, which help them find what they want. We try to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for each of our customers”.

Office Winner’s products and supplies include more than 50,000 products such as computer components, computers, software, laser printers, projectors, CD/DVD, photocopiers, paper and ink cartridges.

Trinnaman further added it is the cash back offer that increases the USP of the site.

Trinnaman noted, “The very idea of getting something back excites the shoppers. Our design resonate excitement of our shoppers. Whenever you land on the website, you get a positive vibe and enjoy the feel-good factor”.

You can earn cash back from Office Winner, following two different ways.

You need to shop online with Office Winner. For every purchase made, shoppers get 5% cash back of their total order.

The other way is to refer friends to Office Winner. The referring customer earns 5% cash back from purchases made by anyone in the team.

Trinnaman said, “Office Winner has an enviable business model and the beta design that we have developed, reflects it with a wonderful design”.

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