October 25,2013 -

Magento Live UK 2013 – Recap

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I’ve just returned from another great event , Magento live UK 2013 . The event was very well organised with lot of great breakout sessions with fantastic general sessions. I thought, in reflection, what did I learn at Magento live UK and what can I take away with me. 3 things stood out during the two day event which are How Magento likes to position itself as a global leader in eCommerce , How mobile eCommerce effects consumer behavior and how innovative advances in technology will help to shape up how consumers interact with the retail world.

Roy Rubin - COO / Co founder - Magento
Roy Rubin – COO / Co founder – Magento


Already Magento is seen as the single largest eCommerce platform of choice in the UK.Roy Rubin (COO and Co-founder Magento Inc ) explained how small to large enterprises have selected  Magento as their eCommerce platform and how further investment both in technology and people will shape up its future. As Magento solution partners we were genuinely excited to hear how these advances will help us to offer exceptional quality and flexibility to our customers. I was particularly  impressed with how Magento will enable us to create mobile friendly websites using the architecture and how mobile features will become a inherited part of of future Magento versions.

Jimmy Duvall, Head of Product
Jimmy Duvall, Head of Product


Huge emphasis was given on mobile eCommerce and rightly so ! As per official reports out 2013 Q1 , 1 in every 5 eCommerce transactions have completed using a mobile.Its predicated over the next 5 years multi-screen (smart phones , touch screen tablets etc.) will over take the traditional eCommerce sales. Its was good to see how Magento recognizes the real need for Magento ecosystem should be mobile enabled. John Lunn ,( PayPal global director for development ) delivered a fantastic keynote speech on how PayPal’s new innovative technology will shape up our every day retail experience. Overall my experience was very positive and excited to be a part of change . One key phrase really stuck on my mind “Disrupt how you do business otherwise someone else will do” Looking forward to the next event . Until the next post Ciao !

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