October 3,2013 -

Magento Development for eCommerce

If only there existed an eCommerce product that allows you to do everything you need through customization while not being too prohibitively expensive! If only it were based on open source software, thus allowing further work on it… Still thinking about these ‘ifs’? Then you must have missed a major development on the eCommerce front in the past decade – the Magento development. Since appearing on the stage in 2001, it has earned the hearts and the business of numerous organizations throughout the world that wanted to get more out of their online presence.

magentoThe Magento development in eCommerce is hailed by many as the major platform that has revolutionized the way businesses see their opportunities for online growth. It is easy to see why. One of the great features that strikes the mind with its many pathways is scalability. Magento does not really care if you have one product or a thousand, if all of the products fall into the same five categories or each one is a separate entity. As it is highly customizable, with client access to the software code, the speed of results delivery is striking, even with several activated add-ons. The very idea of having open-source access to the code base is something one does not normally expect in a platform of this magnitude, yet Magento has stayed true to its origins.

It should be noted that paid offerings or tiers of the Magento development platform do exist. The first tier, community, is free to download, yet packed with useful and unique features that would come at a cost elsewhere. The professional and the enterprise tiers see more add-ons and features as part of the package, and yet the community one is a great start for a business that has appropriate development experience. As always with open-source platforms, due diligence needs to be taken to have a dedicated professional working on the eCommerce account.

As mentioned before, don’t let the word ‘free’ make it seem that the base Magento development version is bare-bone. Far from it. It has everything from complex payment gateway integration with major providers to a state-of-the-art shipping management system to an unmatched user-friendly analytics and reporting portal that puts all of the information and tools at your disposal. Your customers would also enjoy the customer service and experience enhancement capabilities built into the platform. These capabilities allow for the creation of customized accounts, order tracking and individualized experience. As the positive feedback from some 60 thousand merchants indicates, the ready availability of all of these features is the drawing factor that makes Magento click. And makes the customers click too, for that matter.

If you are not yet convinced, take the Magento development platform for eCommerce out for a spin. It has everything your business needs for rapid growth of your online potential, and in the hands of professionals it can easily and quickly surpass the abilities of every other package out there. Join the thousands of happy online merchants and their customers. Magento has what it takes.

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