July 3,2014 -

Why Magento CMS is Best for your Online Shopping Website

Magento is one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms – daily more companies from across many sectors are switching over. There are many reasons why Magento CMS is best for your online shopping website. It is known to be consistent and user friendly. It is easily scalable to suit the needs of almost any online shopping experience due to its flexible open source structure. Due to its scalability, Magento is more likely to be able to keep up with the changing needs of online shopping – it is continually growing and adding new and exciting features while keeping in mind the essential business needs of all business sectors. It also provides options to suit all different business types such and Magento Community, Magento Enterprise or Magento Go – for the most basic usage.

At One Creations (, we have continued to grow exponentially since our inception in early 2005. With this growth, we have made a commitment to be ahead of the curve with respect to the top notch technology options available for online shopping websites. Our staff is aggressive in their search for and understanding of new technology and how it can be integrated into any online shopping website. One of our current foci, is to incorporate Magento CMS into on eCommerce sites – as we become more integrated in our knowledge of this platform, we are able to discuss how and why Magento CMS is best for your online shopping websites. We would not promote this platform if we did not feel committed to it ourselves. Let us look more closely at a number of the features that we are particularly excited about with respect to Magento.

Customer Friendly – Ease of Use

There are a number of key customer friendly elements. First, Magento offers, product browsing for customers, allowing the option to sort by price, category, and specific product, making product browsing easier, more enjoyable and effective. We have also created additional advanced search tools to help customers find the exact product they are looking for more effectively, as well as premium customer services which include condensed customer services pages, live chat etc.

EBay and Amazon Extensions

As of mid-June 2014, over 204,000 websites currently uses Magento as their online shopping cart platform. Having a website and technology that speaks to the world’s leading channels is imperative to the success of the online shopping experience. Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons why Magento CMS is best for your online shopping website – it is fully integrated with both eBay and Amazon extensions through the Magento Community and Enterprise Editions. This allows us to help you create one single platform to manage all your customer needs and information, product information and inventory levels, as well as marketing strategies, increasing overall productivity of your eCommerce operations.

Intelligent Marketing and SEO

To compete, every business needs to find an edge or needs to find a way to stand out. Magento offers tons of features to address marketing and search engine optimization. Its features are the most up to date and ever evolving as the technology does. The technology allows you to focus on intelligent marketing campaigns, targeting those whose demographics shows clearly in the detailed sales reports.

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