January 7,2016 -

Magento 2.0 – Features Overview

Magento released its next-generation digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0 on 17th November 2015.The latest version is developed in a way to make omnichannel shopping experiences easy and cost effective.

The significant difference between Magento 2.0 and 1.9 (and later) is the admin panel. The new admin panel has a cleaner user interface which helps Magento target and assist non-technical users.

New features are enhanced to boost conversion rates, improve performance, productivity and scalability.


Here are some of the key features;

Full page caching on both Magento 2.0 Community and Magento Enterprise 2.0.

This is an important development as it takes page load time down to 1-2 seconds, from a normal 5-8 seconds. Faster page load time enables to handle more traffic and visitors without having to pay for more hosting infrastructure. Moreover fast page load times leads to good user experiences, which may translate into a higher conversion rates, and are a key signal that Google uses to rank sites (fast loading sites often will rank higher).

Streamlined checkout

Magento 2.0 checkout enables guests to experience a hassle free checkout process. Nearly 80% of current Magento e-commerce sites have modified their checkout process to better streamline the process. Therefore, with the latest version there is no log in, sign in or registering and allows customers to easily get into flow. Existing customer are automatically recognized by their email address and given a password to sign in in order to make advantage of quick check out or opt to check out as a visitor.

Improved product creation flow

Simple multi-step wizard which enable to configure products by adding in product options such as size, type colour etc. giving its users a much easier method to add products.

Improved code quality

Automated test framework to improve code quality. With functional test, unit test, performance tests, java script tests, all of which helps to speed development times and provide higher confidence in the code that is been developed.

Improved performance / reduced table locking

Previously with larger scale Magento Enterprise and Magento Community sites, there have been performance issues with table locking when too many people are trying to place orders on a site at the same time. Magento 2.0 promises to reduce those issues gradually. Moreover Magento 2.0 provides improvements in product page, where it now supports for videos as well.

However, Magento 1.9 (and later) merchants with advanced customization will need to be re-built for Magento 2.0. Many of the top Magento extensions will be available soon which might cause a slight delay in adopting to Magento 2.0.

The latest version of Magento promises its customers to experience; better optimized database access, new re-indexing operation that allows to decrease the reliance on database lookups and code improvement that will streamline performances.

One Creations approach As a certified Magento partner, One Creations is in the process of getting its senior developers trained with Magento 2.0 in order to provide its existing and potential clients with the latest improvements.

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