January 19,2015 -

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

We spend so much time online nowadays and most of it too is spent on a mobile device instead of the traditional desktop or even the laptop. Although the time we spend online on mobile devices has increased, businesses have been sluggish to build mobile friendly websites.

Many of us tend to use both our phones and iPads to check and respond to email, do most of our work and check out things on social media as well as play games. These devices help us to be connected to our family and friends constantly, and also be prompt in dealing with work. The heightened use of mobile devices is now a necessity and part of our society as even teens now feel paralyzed without their iPads.

More than 30% of mobile phone users use smartphones according to the Pew Research Centre and these devices have reportedly almost doubled the time we spend online. One in 4 of all smartphone users do most of their online work on mobile devices and the use of mobile web in the United States has doubled since 2009.

Until recently only bigger and more luxurious brands spent time on building mobile friendly websites but as of late the introduction of responsive web design has dramatically impacted the outlook for smaller businesses. This new system lets web developers to make maximum use of the screen area available on desktop and mobile devices and modifies the design without omitting too much of content from the website.

This was once an expensive component but has now been fit into the regular requirement for a web design. Businesses had to design two different layouts to support different devices, but now just one website is able to adjust to different devices, including mobiles which require smaller layouts, etc.

Responsive Web Design usage brings with it many positives such as increased mobile usage, better ranking and increased traffic for local words and phrases. It also helps to cut down on repetitive content that may occur due to existence of two websites and it reportedly also increases online sales.  It also helps to cut costs and time as you would only need to have one website designed.

If you are interested in making your business more friendly for the online community, then you could hire an experienced digital marketing agency to put together the perfect mobile website to help improve your business and engagement with customers.

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