August 8,2013 -

Hiring a Magento Web Developer

With the introduction of the Magento platform, the face of open source ecommerce has been forever altered. The Magento platform offers much for businesses; the increased control that businesses have over the content and functionality of their e-commerce stores is an undeniable benefit. Although Magento is relatively simple and easy to set up and maintain, most businesses opt to hire a Magento Web Developer, to ensure that they are getting the most out of their e-commerce platform.

Magento Web DeveloperIt is a largely agreed upon reality that the Magento ecommerce platform is a highly sophisticated piece of technological innovation. The development of ecommerce sites has become so ubiquitous for businesses around the globe that it comes as no surprise that Magento development has become engrained all over the world. Its advanced system offers features that include a URL structure that is well tuned to search engine result formulas. Magento also allows for an ecommerce platform that serves both single store and multi-store businesses with the same level of efficiency. Multi-store functionality is further enhanced by the degree of control that business owners and operators have over the content management of the site once it has been set up. The content management system is sophisticated, yet user friendly so that the content, look, and functionality of the site can be consistently customized according to individual preference. Magento also offers incredible opportunities for direct consumer marketing strategies (gift cards, etc), and the easy production of detailed reports. The benefits of using Magento are multiple, but in order to fully attain efficacy out of all features, hiring a Magento web developer is a necessity.

When choosing a Magento web developer, one should be sure to choose one that will not just do the bare minimum, but really work to prove to future consumers that the site is sophisticated, functional, and is operated by a capable business. Websites increasingly represent what businesses stand for, and how reliable they are; it is very important that consumers get this impression from the ecommerce platform they interact with. Without direct interaction with the products or employees, the ecommerce site needs to be representative of the image and the values that the individual business stands for. In order to make this a reality, a developer should work with the business to understand their unique ecommerce needs as to the final look and functionality of the site.

When it comes to navigating a site successfully, users look for a clean, simple, and easy layout and concise listing of essential information. The right Magento web developer will be able to create a very user-friendly interface while staying true to the unique design needs of a business. Any given consumer will make up his or her mind on whether to look further into the site within a minute of visiting the page; it is the job of the developer to make sure the site enhances consumer conversion, not deter them.

When looking for a Magento web developer, you can choose a freelance web designer or a company like ours; whichever route you choose, ensure their experience and their tech-savvy qualifications before committing.

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