May 12,2012 -

Google’s Penguin Update – What do we know so far?

Not focused on improving search results.

One thing we know for about the latest Google’s penguin update is, it’s not focused on improving search results. The update is based on penalising websites that are been trying to manipulate search results. These actions can be such as using unworthily links to boost your rankings, using low quality back links. Hence this update is primarily focused on devaluing links which are not relevant to a particular website.

Enforcing spamming guidelines

In years, this is the first time that Google have actually taken a brave step to reinforce their spamming guidelines. In my opinion, Google is giving a very clear indication of where they want to head as a search engine in the future.

What’s actually the focus?
Although it’s not 100% clear, the early signs show that obvious cheap back links, potential manipulative actions are been heavily targeted. Very interestingly light manipulative techniques such as deliberately trying to create back links on partner website are also been targeted.

Is Google going to roll out another counter update?

Google haven’t yet confirmed on a counter roll out, but it’s provided a form for uses to inform about unfairly effected websites. This suggest that Google is currently evaluating the impact on it’s update and quit possibly in the future will rectify the shortcomings by a counter roll-out.

Impact on the update and moving forward

This kind of update has its winners and looses. This update is no exception. We have heard some unfortunate stories where some genuine sites are been effected, however the way out the this is to review the current website along with the SEO strategy try and avoid manipulative actions .

We will keep you posted as and when know more information about the update.

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