June 18,2013 -

Experience the Magento eCommerce Advantage

Do you have products and services that need selling? Then consider adding Magento ecommerce to your company websites. Ecommerce is a booming concept that elaborates on technologies such as mobile commerce, internet marketing, and automated data collection systems. Because ecommerce is considered to be the sales aspect of online business, it’s crucial that your ecommerce provider can provide you with what you need now and what you need to grow. Magento ecommerce can do this for you!

Magento eCommerceWhat is it exactly? Ecommerce, aka electronic commerce, is the concept and practice of buying and selling of products and services online, such as over the Internet or through computer networks. Magento ecommerce is one of the fastest growing ecommerce providers in the world and offers itself to consumers as an open source software platform.

What are some of the benefits of choosing Magento ecommerce? Firstly, Magento ecommerce platforms are highly scalable, allowing for customisability. As well, since its open source, web developers can access and modify the software code to suit their company’s unique needs.

Magento ecommerce is a great platform to use not just for its inherent scalability, but for its integration of necessary sales features. For example, Magento ecommerce provides businesses with payment gateway integration: PayPal, Google Checkout, and PayPoint are only a few of the payment gateway providers that have been included in the software.

With payment comes shipping, and Magento ecommerce has thought of that as well. Magento ecommerce can be integrated with real time shipping rates for a variety of shipping providers, such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. The software also takes into account shipping to multiple addresses in the same order, order tracking, and free shipping options to give you and your customers the most options possible.

In order to help your company grow, Magento ecommerce adds a unique feature that not many other ecommerce providers do: search engine optimisation (SEO). Magento ecommerce was designed to be SEO-friendly, so that URLs, site maps, meta product information and more are created to attract more customers to your site.

First released to the public in 2008, Magento ecommerce has since developed three different platform types, from the free community level platform to Magento Go, and Magento Enterprise. Offering a variety of basic and advanced features, Magento ecommerce provides businesses with the tools to grow their online sales faster.

Magento Go is the platform designed for small businesses and start-ups—easy to manage, set up, and a strong platform on which to grow. Magento Community is the ecommerce platform that’s suited for medium sized businesses who want to begin to grow their venture. The third platform, Magento Enterprise, is designed for well-established companies, comes with a full library of training and support materials. This platform has the purpose of growing a business to its full potential. No matter what sized business you have, Magento ecommerce is the platform for you.

With its wide range of features, Magento ecommerce is software designed to be dedicated to your unique business needs and vision. There are already more than 60,000 web merchants benefitting from the Magento ecommerce advantage—what are you waiting for? Contact us today learn more about your options.

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