March 9,2015 -

Ecommerce Trends That Challenge Ecommerce Website Development

With the ever-changing electronic landscape, eCommerce platforms, which have become one of the most popular industries of the 21st century are constantly being pushed to suit modern trends. Here are a few of the latest trends that have proved to be popular and effective:

1. Personalised Websites

Today, websites can be customised to the T, allowing you to add your own corporate personality to your sites. With options such as ad placement, sidebars can now be placed wherever the visitor prefers.

The customisable

  • Personalised navigation
  • Customisable interfaces
  • Ad placement
  • Sidebars placement

2. Mirrors

By incorporating the use of webcams that most modern PCs and laptops possess, customers are now even able to try on products without the need of physically being at the store. By enabling the customer to take a picture of themselves, and drag products over their own image, it provides even more convenience to the customer than if they visit the store themselves.

3. Faster load times

A lagging site is one of the banes of an e-commerce website. Statistically it only takes eight seconds before anybody loses interest and moves on to another website and with increasing demand and faster sites, that timeframe is fast reducing. With a site that has a lot of products to display, this proves quite a challenge. One way to tackle this is to ensure different locations – those with slower speeds have a page that’s optimised to ensure load speeds are not hindered.

4. Make it Simple

Already, minimalistic design has come to the fore with Google interfaces using flat design and solid colours. No more are the most eye catching sites the ones that possess the highest resolution images.  The low cost of creating basic crisp details is today easier on the pocket for you and the eye, for visitors alike which proves it’s truly a win-win if you decide to get on board.

5. Tactical and paid social campaigns

With almost everyone today having access to a mobile phone and more and more people moving onto smartphones, access to e-commerce websites is no longer restricted to a few hours in the day, and while traffic on these sites has exponentially increased, so has the choosiness of the customer. The time to market a product has also reduced and opened up options where e-tailers can pay to market their products on social media websites due to such sites being some of the most frequently accessed.

For Magento Developers, this will test their skills based on the marketing campaigns and techniques that will need to be laid out, at the end though, you will be ahead of your peers.

6. Embedded videos

Video is one of the most powerful mediums on the internet. It is a well-known fact that DIY and ‘how to’ clips have grown in popularity owing to the fact that it brings in a human and real-life aspect to a product. By embedding product videos, professionals will be able to give the consumer useful product information that would relate to them which would in turn likely lead to a purchase.

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