June 18,2013 -

Choosing the Right Magento Agency

Picking the right Magento agency to handle ones ecommerce needs is an important and possibly game changing decision. Any business that is smart about their ecommerce platform will have done the proper research into finding the right agency, but it is equally as imperative to ensure what is developed, is in line with the aims and needs of the business. For this there are a few steps that need to be taken if the finished result will be a properly and effectively developed Magento platform.

First step to locating and hiring the right Magento agency is to browse through their previous work and client portfolio. This will offer up an idea of how they work with clients, and whether or not they produce a finished result that is what one is looking for. If the examples of work that are found match ones own vision for ecommerce content, then it is time to meet with the agency face to face. Upon meeting, one can establish whether or not the developer is somebody they can work with; it is important to actually enjoy the agency that one is working with, as the process could take some time depending how complex ones needs are for the platform.

hire magento agencyAfter meeting face to face with the Magento agency and developers initially, it is a good idea to ask the agency for any references. Although it is one thing to look at their portfolio, the references that they offer up will tell a lot about the work that they do best. If the company is not willing to produce references of former Magento clients, this should be a warning sign that they are inexperienced in working with Magento; one certainly does not want to be the test subject. Magento is a program that is intricate and requires a developer who has had experience working with it before, preferably with a variety of different businesses on various different scopes. Be sure to hire an agency that is comfortable and confident in their ability to work with Magento.

In relation to asking the Magento agency for references, be sure to explain exactly what products and services ones business offers and the goals for setting up ones Magento program. Giving the agency all the available information about ones business practices and the needs one has for their ecommerce platform and content, will result in a negotiating advantage. Knowing what ones businesses needs are and how the program should be implemented, does not leave room for the developer to add on extras that are unnecessary and expensive, or to go in a different direction than needed. It is essential to be upfront about how one wishes the finished product to look, and which areas they do not require assistance in. For example, some businesses wish to go elsewhere for SEO of their ecommerce webpage’s, whereas others will choose the same Magento agency for these needs.

After defining your needs and business practices to the Magento agency, ask about prices and time frame, to ascertain whether it is feasible for the budget. Consider that if an agency is offering services that are unneeded for an expensive price, that simpler services can be found elsewhere; quality does not need to suffer however. In the end, locate an agency that feels right, and understands the business model and needs presented. It is important to choose the most competent yet realistic Magento developer for your business.

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