May 27,2014 -

How to Brand Your eCommerce Store the Right Way

In this day and age, the Internet is the king. Everyone who’s currently important, everyone who wants to be important, and everyone who wants to keep tabs on the important people are on the internet. This group includes everyone from pro athletes to amateur musicians and their respective legions (or lack thereof) of fans. This group also includes those who wish to start their own business. The Internet is ‘The Place to Go’ when shopping for anything these days, and because of that, many a business rookie (perhaps much like yourself) have decided that the Internet is also the place to start when beginning their own business. But, as an internet eCommerce rookie, you may have some questions on how exactly to do so. One Creations ( may have answered some of them elsewhere, but here’s an important one you may not have thought of yet: How do you brand your eCommerce store the right way? Well, let’s find out:

Ensure you know your Target Audience

Are you selling workout gear? Maybe car stereo equipment? How about shag carpet? Now, I’m not sure who you’ll be selling shag carpet too, but you’ll have to figure it out so that you know who your clients are and how to target them. To do this, you must do some research:

  • What gender is most likely to purchase my product?
  • What age group are they?
  • What nationality are they likely to be?
  • What interests will be common among my customers?

Once you have identified your target customers with these and similar research questions, it’ll be easier to come up with a company brand name (assuming you haven’t done so already) and a slogan that will speak to those customers. It’ll also be easier to move on to the next step in your devious plan…

Advertise in all the Right Places

With your company name and slogan in place, it’s time to start getting your brand out there! How? Well, you’ve got to start advertising. You know that list you made that identifies your clients’ interests, general ages, nationalities, etc.? Use that as a guide to advertise your product. Selling muscle car parts? Well, go to where the Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford guys hang out – muscle car websites, car magazine websites, automotive discussion forums, and so on. Use social media to find and target these gearheads. Same goes for frilly lace slippers or hula hoops – find their fans’ digital hangouts and get your brand in there! They are the ones who are most likely to buy your product, after all.

Keep the good times rolling

Your brand is on a roll. You’ve found the target market and you’ve advertised in the right places – now don’t just gawk at that customer feedback – use it to become even better! Are your devoted customers berating a certain aspect of your product or website experience? Change it or fix it and give your fans what they want. This will result in more loyal customers and more word-of-mouth traffic, ending in your brand becoming bigger with a better customer rating than ever before – and you want that, obviously.

This short guide was to help get you started – now it’s your turn. Use these tips to get off the ground and get your brand out into the digital space!

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