June 18,2013 -

Benefits of Open Source Magento Development Platforms for Growing E-Businesses

Magento Development software is an open source electronic commerce (eCommerce) web platform for retailers to conduct business of selling and buying online. More than 60,000 merchants use the platform, demonstrating its success as a growing, reliable and innovative form of ecommerce for e-businesses.

Magento platform for retailersAn open source platform, such as Magento Development, means anyone who signs up for the platform have access to its design and source code and can make changes to it. They can also redistribute this design, while gradually improving it along the way. It’s a collaborative and communal effort between programmers and users, differing from revenue based platforms owned by corporations. Open source platforms have the benefit of cost saving, where no annual fees or renewals are required. Other benefits include the standard interchangeable formats and adaptability, which allow for greater sharing across mediums, improving integration, efficiency, cost and distribution. Creators and peers continually update this software on the basis of need and user experience. Communal open source approach operates on the fundamentals of sharing and the mission is to create better products through a collaborative initiative. Its development is a conscious move away from vendors into an independently open market, with positive outcomes.

While there may be other open source platforms, Magento Development software presents unique features for its users, such as flexible product display options, mobile templates, transaction options, multi-store and site functionality, user accounts, loyalty programs, product categorization, shopper filtering and discount and promotion rules. Other features include scalable options, payment integration with several gateway providers, shipping integration, access to sales analytics, and supportive search engine optimization features. Furthermore, the platform has customer services, focused on engaging the consumer. These features may include personal customer accounts, emails and customized shopping experiences.

Magento Development software has three levels of ecommerce platforms for use, depending on the needs of the e-business. The first is the Community Edition, a free of charge platform that offers many basic and advanced features for a business wishing to grow into a larger retailer. Next is the professional platform, referred to as Magento Go. This is a low-cost model, with small monthly payments. It provides greater security features, flexible design, marketing tools, 24/7 support and customer based options, such as call center assisted shopping. The last level available is the enterprise edition, which is recommended for established businesses that wish to continue their growth in eCommerce with several customer driven options, such as customer reward systems and targeting, as well as full expert support, revenue boosting features and code level access to their platform. This level is meant for businesses with the resources available to expand their online initiatives.

Open source eCommerce platforms allow business owners to define their infrastructure, while collaborating with a community of like-minded users. Magento Development software has options that are low cost and beneficial to retailers looking to expand their online business. If you wish to learn more about Magento Development or open source solutions for your retail business, visit our website today to become informed about the three platform levels and which may be the right choice for your eCommerce operations.

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