October 6,2013 -

Becoming a Magento Developer

The world of web development is becoming increasingly more interesting. Web developers have so many career paths and niche markets to choose from. One area that has been growing rapidly, both in traditional web and mobile platforms, is e-commerce. Over the past decade, many tools have been developed that make programming e-commerce sights simpler and more interesting. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms right now is Magento. Despite only being a few years old, the Magento web application is already being used by top brands for their e-commerce sites. As a developer, it will only be beneficial to you and your career to gains some understanding of the Magento platform. A Magento developer London will have many opportunities ahead of them.

hire magento developersMost companies who are working with the Magento platform will need a front end Magento developer as well as a back end Magento developer, so no matter what your forte is as a developer, you should be able to tackle Magento. Fortunately, being a Magento developer for either field is interesting. For front end developers focusing on user interface, Magento provides many useful features such as product display templates, mobile interface options, and filtering and categorization options. For back end developers, Magento has both traditional web and mobile platforms to make cross-development simple, as well as other features such as transaction details (including payment, account, and discount and promotion options), and multi-store options.

Because Magento is still a fairly new application, odds are you didn’t learn how to program with it while you were in college or university. As is the case with many new web development tools and applications, there will always be people who never end up taking advantage of it because they are unfamiliar with it and don’t feel it’s necessary to take the time to learn about it. However, this line of thinking will lead to an early end to your career. Developers must keep themselves current, otherwise their work becomes outdated, and nobody wants to pay for outdated work. Fortunately, there are Magento developer certification programs that you can take to learn about working with Magento. Magento developer programs are available for both front end and back end developers, and range from short, simple courses that cover the basics, to longer, more in-depth courses go into a lot more detail. In addition to learning about Magento, taking one of these courses will have an added bonus: it will look good on your resumé. Employers and clients alike like to see developers who aren’t afraid to learn about new technology, and having your Magento developer certification will prove just that.

If you have any interest in developing e-commerce sites, it is in your best interest to learn your way around Magento. As a Magento developer, you will be in high demand and will have plenty of interesting employment opportunities. As you know, the world of development is a rapidly changing one, and staying ahead of the game is the only way to stay relevant in the industry.

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