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A useful guide on importance of shipping options

A useful guide on importance of shipping options

Shipping and delivery are key components of customer satisfaction in online shopping and can have a significant impact on a consumer’s purchase decision and in turn on your bottom line sales and conversions. Many customers share common concerns when buying online such as; are envelopes too big for the mailbox? Boxes left in a place where weather affects them? What if the recipient is not home? Timing/cost/packaging? And the list goes on!


Also not to forget that customers tend to get attracted by the free and/or discounted shipping options as well as delivery timing and communication. The marketing punch that displays ‘Free Shipping’ can be an effective way to drive up conversion rates. Many online shoppers have a carrier of choice, and it’s typically dependent upon how those companies deliver packages.


Cart Abandonment

There are numerous reasons as to why shoppers abandon their purchases and shipping costs is one of the key factors.


  • Statistics shows that more than half (55%) of respondents have abandoned a cart as shipping costs made the total purchase cost more than expected.
  • Important aspects during checkout; 73% said they wanted to see free shipping options.
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents (60%) said an estimated or guaranteed delivery date was important.




Delivery Timing & Costing


Furthermore consumers tend to cancel their purchases if the shipping & handling costs listed are too late. Regardless of the method used, be it free shipping, consumers expect to receive their delivery as early as possible. Therefore retailers that offer a range of delivery time options allow themselves to target a wider range of customers.


  • 48% of customers are not willing to wait more than five days for most of their purchases, while 23% said they would be willing to wait eight days or more.






Tracking Options

Shoppers also want to be kept up-to-date and be able to track the delivery timing/delivery process. Therefore they tend to expect communication such as dispatched date, etc. Hence when you are deciding on your courier partners make sure you check the availability of the tracked service and how easy it’s to integrate with your ecommerce platform.


  • Just under half 45% of the respondents wanted email or text notifications with a tracking number, while 31% wanted to be able to track the shipment directly on the retailer’s website.





Handling with care is necessary as customers will be very disappointed if the products ordered are damaged. It’s needless to state customers are very particular about the condition of the goods purchased, secure cartons with ample padding could help prevent damages.




Top Tips on Customer Satisfaction


  • Charge the actual shipping rate or offer flat rates (for weights ranges & order totals)
  • Free Shipping (for domestic shipping or with a minimum order amount)
  • Carrier of Choice
  • Shipping time and method options
  • Online tracking
  • Secure packing


Consider your type of business and products sold to find the best ways to ship them and always remember to identify the needs and desires of your customers when it comes to shipping practices to build a more trustworthy and loyal following.



Sources: Econsultancy (2012) & ComScore’s research (2012)



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