May 28,2014 -

5 Tips for Making Exceptional Website Designs

Your company website has a big role to fill.  It’s the ambassador of your brand, a gracious host welcoming visitors to your corner of the internet, and possibly your top sales associate.  Just like you’d recruit the top executive to run your company you want an exceptional website in your deck of cards.

Premium website design is all about planning, experience and strategy.  We are industry experts in this field, and today we’re sharing our top five tips for making an exceptional website design.

White Space

In the more- is-better information marketplace of the internet, many designers overlook the axiom that white space is golden.  Proper use of white space makes graphics visually pleasing and guides the eye to the strategically chosen focal points of the site.  White space creates flow through the whole website and must be consistent with the theme of the site while following rules of symmetry.

Easy Navigation

Internet users don’t have the time or patience to get lost in your website.  Generally, its one strike and you’re out – that little “x” in the top corner is oh so tempting to click.  Navigation should be obvious and simple. Research has shown that there are really only three things that users want from website navigation: an understanding of where they are on the site, a way to go back or to the homepage and a sitemap (for bigger sites).  Anything else is non-essential and probably just cluttering their experience.

Call to Action

tips for website designYou didn’t go to all this work just to decorate the World Wide Web; you did it to elicit activity for your business.  The call to action is a central component of a well-designed website and should make it easy for potential customers to initiate action that they almost can’t bear not to do it.  It should be clear, attractive and unavoidable.  Masters of this trade know how to design the visual components of the website to lead users to the call to action (one such example is making it the only click-able option on a page).

Search Box

Manually scrolling through pages of web content to find the answer to a question is extremely frustrating and a thing of the past.  Sophisticated users won’t give your site the time of day if it’s lacking a search box. It should be obvious, but unobtrusive and in a spot that’s easy to find (such as the top right hand corner).

Consistent Buttons

Every button and click-able link on the page should be obvious and consistent. The futile act of testing headings for live links is bang-your-head-against-the-wall frustrating and a dead giveaway for an amateur designer.  Button style should be designed at the outset and be 100% consistent to make it obvious for users.

At the upper echelons, Web design is a completely holistic practice integrating technical, design, and human psychology elements.  Our years of experience and strategic approach to design cover all these elements and can give your online presence a competitive advantage.  Request a free quote here see how affordable this game changing action can be.

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