December 11,2017 -

5 Top Tips for Boosting Sales on Your Magento Site

Everywhere you look on the internet, it is full of businesses doing everything they can to get to the top of google and as a result gain as much market share as possible.


Nowadays, Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there supporting businesses with superior security protections, content management along with themes and built-in plugins to help make selling on the internet the easiest it has ever been.

In this blog post, we want to help you discover 5 top tips that will help you boost sales through your Magento store:


  1. On-site pop-ups

The first five seconds are the best moment to capture the attention of the customers who have landed on your site. You will be able to capture their attention and accelerate their shopping mode by offering them sweet deals they won’t refuse.

Before, businesses didn’t have the sophistication around what and when to display as they do now. Companies like Nosto do this well with their Magento extension.

There are various types of pop-ups your business could use to attract sales:

  • Welcome your customers and collect valuable email addresses for re-marketing purposes.
    Grow your mailing list by offering customers who visit your site a discount for signing up to your newsletter.
  • Create a sense of urgency to drive seasonal sales.
    Have a countdown on your site showing your users how long the sale is on for. As an example, the offer could be to get 20% off or free shipping if you purchase by 12pm that day.
  • Flash sales
    These usually pop up when the user is about to leave your site, entice them back in with a coupon code. This can also be set to only display to visitors from a certain channel.


  1. Site Search

Overlooked by many businesses, Magento offers the function of site search. Every Magento site has the function however many businesses are not aware of how to get the maximum benefit from using it properly.

site search

If a visitor is going to your site and uses the search bar, they are more likely to purchase an item as they are shopping on your site with intent.

It’s time to spend time and review the quality of your site search and see whether the results returned will help your customers find what they are looking for. If you need extra help, Mirasvitone is a search module that can easily be installed onto your Magento store. Ensure your spelling is correct, your search auto is complete – this way when a visitor types, the relevant products will appear below. Be sure to include images and prices, this will help the visitor find the appropriate items quickly.

  1. Instant Customer Support

Having an instant messaging service easily accessible on your site, you are adding a personal touch to your customer service. This way your customers can directly interact with you and have any questions answered straight away. Customers like to have the friendly, casual personal conversation when looking for quick answers. An advantage to this is social media is mostly accessed via smartphones, helping you to offer customer support anytime and anywhere.

instant customer support

Facebook Bots are an awesome and allow your business to take online customer support quality a notch higher.

  1. Excellent user experience and site speed.

The user experience of your site directly influences both customer retention and conversion. As a result, you need to ensure your design is simple to navigate and interactive. The store interface and navigation matter. A great website offers a short and simple checkout process.

excellent user experience

Along with the look and feel of the site, it is essential to ensure the loading speed of the store is not slow. One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment is slow loading speed. So, avoid it from the beginning, as visitors can get irritated and leave the store if it takes too long to load. Improving the loading speed of your site can boost up the sales considerably.

  1. Offer multiple payment options

When an online store offers customers multiple secure payment methods such as bank transfers, PayPal, credit cards and ApplePay it is sure to generate high sales. With multiple payment options users are more likely to complete their purchase.

Depending on the countries your company ships to, each country has specific checkout and payment preferences. Offering multiple payment options through something like the Magento extension Computop is a must.


Without a doubt Magento is an incredible eCommerce development platform that helps you create beautiful and highly-interactive online stores. However, to achieve higher conversions and increased sales, you need to consider the above-mentioned tips.


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