May 29,2014 -

10 Hot Web Design Trends in 2014

As software becomes more and more advanced, and more people are using their phones or tablets to surf the web, web design is becoming more dynamic in response. Here are the top ten web design trends that users and website designers can expect to see this year.

1. Simplicity– Both and believe that simple, user-friendly layouts are going to be big for the next while. Forbes defines simplicity as “the integration of best practices so site visitors get what they need seamlessly and without complication.”

2. Typography– with a twist-The Next Web calls these “fonts with personality.” They expect that more web designers will be using more creative typefaces “that add personality and uniqueness to their design.”

3. Flat design– This is a trend both The Next Web and Hongkiat have picked up on. Launched on the Apple i0S7 update, this trend involves removing unnecessary design elements like dropped shadows, gradients, and more, creating a one-dimensional look that is sure to catch on.

4. Multi-Platform approaches– With more people surfing the web on their phones or tablets expect to see more and more websites adapt their content to work better on mobile devices.

5. Large hero areas replacing sliders– A type of web banner displayed at the top of the screen with a small amount of accompanying text, a hero area is considered by The Next Web to be the “number one trend in web site design today.” The content presented varies with the purpose of the site: it can be relevant news about the site, specific site-links, or – in the case of e-commerce – the best-selling or strategically placed products or services (Wikipedia).

6. Quick User Registration– As reported by Hongkiat, “Many new services require users to sign up before you can use the website.” As an alternative to long registration forms, newer web apps have only 2-4 fields for users to fill in.

7. Videos replacing text fields– For hero areas, short videos are set to replace static text boxes on many websites. Take a look at this example on Coin to see why.

8. Storytelling Design-This methodology suggests that users are told a story through concise, compelling copy coupled with strong imagery as they scroll down the page. Another way to say it? MAKE. IT. FUN. Let them discover who you/your company are by letting it unfold before their eyes, so to speak.

9. Simple Colour Schemes– Gone are the days of the multi-coloured eyesores that were the precursors to many of today’s websites. Adopting a simple colour scheme eases readability and creates a more user-friendly environment.

10. Dropping the sidebar– Last but not least, this is more for magazine-style websites but has also been seen in other styles as well. As The Next Web puts it, “Imagine this: you reading an article without things flashing, crowding, or otherwise buying for your attention. Designers understand this and are working to make your reading experience more pleasant by getting rid of these distractions and expanding the content of the article to take over the page.” It allows the user to focus on the content in front of them without being distracted sidebar widgets.

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