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In 2017 Magento was identified as a leader in eCommerce platforms by independent and well-respected Gartner magic quadrant. In 2015 internet retailer recognises Magento as the Top 1000, B2B 300, and Europe 500 lists.

Please check out our portfolio and explore how we have helped businesses around the UK to realize their full potential using Magento.

Why Magento?


Magento is an open source eCommerce system which means it allows you to extend the functionality to suite your changing business requirements. Been a flexible platform, also allows merchants to adopt fast and stay ahead of the curve with ever changing customer buying patterns.

Army of innovators

Magento is supported and constantly extended by over 150,000 strong developer community. This gives the merchants an unparalleled advantage to access to innovative best in class technology features and extensions that can extend the capabilities of your online business.

Best in class innovation

Magento market place offers vast variety of best in class tested extensions that will enable you to extend the store features and capabilities.

Boost sales not costs

Magento conducted surveys proves that in average merchants who is using Magento grows 3 times fast then those in competitive platforms. Magento also offers one of lowest cost of ownership when compared with competitive platforms.

Which Magento Product?

Magento 2 Enterprise (M2 EE)

Magento enterprise is the world’s most flexible and customisable enterprise level eCommerce platform. It offers large number of out the box features to scale your business fast. If you are planning to grow your online business significantly over the next few years without worrying about the capacity of the platform, Magento enterprise is the perfect choice for you.

magento developer

Some of the key features of Enterprise includes

  • style Improved scalability and performance
  • style Merchandising
  • style Site search
  • style Content staging
  • style Customer segmentation
  • style Rule base product relations
  • style Targeted content
  • style Visual merchandising
  • style Advance content management
  • style Reward points
  • style Gift Cards
  • style Private sales
  • style Multiple wish lists and gift directories
  • style RMA ( For returns processing)
  • style Permissions and access logs

Magento 2 Community (M2 CE)

Magento community version is the free versions that’s available for merchants, In our experience this is ideal for stat ups and businesses that operates under 100 orders a day or less than 8000 SKU’s. Magento community comes with vast number of features that will allow merchants to scale the business without the need of additional business systems in place.

With Magento 2 community, you have access to the world largest extension market place , which allows you to take the advance of large number of extensions to extend the capability of your online store without the need to expensive custom development or time delays.

magento specialist

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud (M2 EE cloud)

Magento Enterprise Cloud comes with best class technology stack which includes, hosting powered by amazon AWS along with a fastly CDN . Further M2 EE cloud comes with new relic and performance tools.

magento cloud

Commerce Order Management (MCOM)

Magento order management system is arguably the world’s most flexible order management platform. Commonly known is MCOM, provides a seamless customer experience by coordinating order fulfilment from all customer touchpoints.

magento commerce order management

Business Intelligence (BI)

Magento business intelligence (formally known as RJ Metrix) provide a perfect set of tools to interrogate your customer and order data to provide insights to maximise the business opportunities.

This flexible tool allows you to be creative as you can be to find various customer and buying patterns of your online business.

business intelligence

Magento Shipping

Magento shipping is powered by Temando. It provides a seamless and out of the box integration between your preferred courier partners and Magento platform. Magento shipping allows you not only to automate the label printing , tracking process but also to give your customers a dynamic shipping calculation at the basket stage. This pre-configured module with M2 enterprise enables you to reduce eliminate often time consuming , expensive induvial courier integrations.

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