A faster

website download speeds is proven to
increase visitor retention, loyalty and user
satisfaction too.


Everyone loves their business site to perform. Undoubtedly, only a fast site that offers an excellent user experience is what gets more traffic and conversions. If you don’t give speed optimisation due attention, then the result of a slow site will lead to a loss of traffic, low conversion rates, and possibly a bad reputation about the business.

How? When you think about this from the page visitors’ point of view, visiting a page on the web that takes too long to load affects the user’s experience.  The user will then be more likely to bounce or leave your page sooner, simply because it takes too long to load.  A high bounce rate is always a negative signal on your web traffic and rankings, because it is a reflection of the fact that people are not engaging with your site, and may be leaving your site just as fast as they arrive.  Ultimately, a good site can be worth the wait, but – is your site that much more valuable than the one ranking next?  Are you willing to take that risk?

The obvious can’t be denied – if you don’t optimise the speed of your site, it can kill the effectives and impact of your site, and your conversions. ‘Speed optimisation’ is guaranteed to uplift your site, giving it enormous efficiency and likability.

A faster website download speed is proven to increase visitor retention, loyalty and user satisfaction too. All leading sites in the world use speed optimisation for great results. So why not you?

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