Link your Magento store eBay seamlessly


eBay integration is a vital online market place that is visited by over 128 million potential buyers each day. eBay has become a very important channel for any ecommerce business  that should not be missed. Magento integrates with eBay with an extension supported by eBay M2B.

At One Creations we are not only specialised in integrating your existing eBay store but we also offer you free consultation to ensure we achieve the best for your eBay store by creating and executing a plan around selling on eBay through Magento.

Features of Magento eBay integration

Our comprehensive eBay integration offering provides you with convenient and reliable services such as the listing of your products directly via your Magento inventory; setting-up pricing and shipping via Magento; receiving orders to your Magento store, and having a single point of listing and fulfilment. And with the use of the award-winning Magento trusted ™ extension ‘M2E’, it can list on all 23 Major eBay market places.

Key services we offer:

  • Review your current eBay strategy
  • Explore for new areas for your business to capitalize on
  • Design and execute your eBay selling strategy
  • Design and develop your eBay store
  • Integrate the Magento store to eBay

eBay Magento integration features:

  • List products from Magento to eBay
  • Set up different shipping rules
  • Create different pricing strategies for eBay listings
  • Transfer orders automatically from eBay to Magento
  • Update central stock automatically.
  • Create Magento native order automatically
  • Auto responding to buyer’s feedback using pre-set templates
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