Closet London

Closet London is an award-winning brand with a distinctive label in the UK. Each Closet collection is designed and made in London.







The Challenge

  • Closet London has been a customer since 2005
  • Closet contacted us in 2012 to launch an ecommerce site that will create a different marketing channel for the business
  • It had zero online clients, and no strategy to grow the online business
  • We had to deliver a site within 8 weeks
  • Closet London required a long term ecommerce strategy plan formulated
  • Required training for internal staff with proper processes in place to gear up for the ecommerce business

Our Solution

  • To create a world-class ecommerce solution on time and within budget
  • To integrate Magento inventory with the existing in-house stock management system
  • Provide Google analytics integration with ecommerce conversions
  • Closer integration UK base and intentional couriers ( UPS , DHL and Royal Mail )  
  • Integration with industry leading Bronto email platform for automated marketing
  • Develop a dedicated mobile solution
  • Payment gateway via Sage Pay and Pay Pal
  • Provide a PCI compliance solution
  • Use high-octane SEO, speed optimisation and conversion optimisation tools to ensure overall site effectiveness and impact on customer acquisition, engagement and retention


  • Closet achieved a 25% growth in sales (7 figure turnover) within 12 months of launching online
  • A full-fledged ecommerce site was built in less than 8 weeks
  • The attractive online store design was able to attract a substantial number of new customers and contributed towards an increase in market share
  • Reduced loss-time with prompt trouble-shooting provided by the One Creations support team
  • Closet benefited from a cost saving of up to 50%
  • The online store made a significant impact on Closet’s brand visibility
  • The success of the online store not only helped Closet reach a wider customer market, but it also contributed towards boosting its brand equity
  • We trained staff to adopt best ecommerce practices and processes
  • We continue to work with closet on
    • Strategy building (infrastructure, business development and best practices) 
    • Continuous maintenance & optimisation

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