One Creations Launches another World-Class Magento CE Website

Representatives with One Creations announced today that it has added another world class Magento CE website to its portfolio.

“We’ve officially launched The Wright Buy, one of the fastest growing appliance companies in the UK,” said Nick Trinnaman, marketing manager and spokesman for One Creations.

The newly launched website is located at:

The Wright Buy, according to Trinnaman, sells a fantastic range of kitchen appliances for leading manufacturers, such as Fisher and Paykel, Belling, Stoves, CDA, Whirlpool and Britannia to name a few at extremely low prices.

The company also sells Range Cookers, Ovens, Washing Machines, Dishwashers and Fridge Freezers Online.

“The website now has fully integrated courier facilities,” Trinnaman pointed out, before adding that its team of developers provided The Wright Buy with improved features, such as warranties, finance options and bundle products.

The website, Trinnaman stressed, is a major milestone for The Wright Buy to establish itself as a leader.

“Magento is the world’s fastest growing ecommerce platform, and our solution partnership allows us to provide a first class service to our customers, which we’ve done for The Wright Buy,” Trinnaman said.

One Creations is the only web design agency in Hertfordshire to acquire the Magento partnership.

“This has not only made us the leader in the web design and development industry, but also puts us in a great possession to provide solid solutions backed by Magento itself,” Trinnaman said. “Our clients include customers who turnover seven figure amounts online to business start-ups. Our ability provides a personal service to every customer and affordable pricing model has given us the advantage to be the premier development agency in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.”

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One Creations’ Senior Developers Now Magento Certified

For most businesses, getting to the next level of success is something that’s only talked or dreamed about, but thanks to the Magento certifications of two of One Creations senior developers, it can now become a reality for the company.

“We’re so excited that two of the senior developers have become Magento certified,” said Nick Trinnaman, marketing manager and spokesman for One Creations. “This is a huge accomplishment, one that many developers fail to obtain. We really want to help our clients get to the next level of success, and we’re proving it by doing it ourselves.”

The Magento Certification is useful for Magento Enterprise Edition and delves into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored.

Trinnaman went on to point out that its developers certifications provide its clients with legitimate proof that it can do exactly what it says it can do.

“It gives us credibility, and provides the client with something more than mere words,” Trinnaman stressed, before adding that, “This is part of the expansion process, where we hope to have five developers certified by end of 2014.”

The company spokesman noted that over the past eight years the company has seen many changes in the web development industry.

One Creations, according to Trinnaman, has always adopted its strategy to be in the forefront of cutting edge technology to give its customers the best possible and most up-to-date solutions at all times.

“We began our journey when ecommerce was in its embryonic stage when online stores were operating to show case the products without real motivation to create sustainable ecommerce business,” Trinnaman said. “However, today we are pleased to state we help many brands and online businesses to unlock their full potential.”

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There is Something Exciting about Web Designers in Hertfordshire

As Oscar Wilde wrote all the way back in 1895, “I don’t know whether there is anything peculiarly exciting in the air of this particular part of Hertfordshire, but the number of web designers is considerably above the average.” Well, okay, fine, Wilde did not refer to web designers in Hertfordshire, but he was certainly right about the air here being exciting and conductive to the highest degrees of creativity and innovation. Yet what makes it rather tricky to sift through the lists of web design providers and find those that meet all of your company’s requirements is the sheer number. Can we help?

One Creations have been around for the past eight years, and we are proud to say these years have indeed been “peculiarly exciting”. From a small venture we’ve grown to become one the most successful and cutting edge web designers in Hertfordshire ( on record. How did we manage to do that? Through being passionate about our work and enthusiastic about every fresh difficult project that appeared on the horizon. Through constantly learning new things and finding different solutions to conquered problems.

web-designers-ukWhat makes One Creations stand out from the web designers in Hertfordshire crowd, is the fact that we are a one stop shop for all of your web needs. Basic web design? Check. Content management system? Check. Ecommerce development and payment gateway? Check. Magento? Check. Online marketing and social media? Check. As you can see, we have been rather busy building a solid basis of knowledge and expertise that now allows us to battle some tough projects with a twist. Or numerous twists, for that matter. So don’t be shy when contacting us and listing all of the requirements and specifications that you have in mind for your new online adventure – we are confident that we will stand up to the test and exceed your expectations.

Take a look through our own website to see samples of our work and explore why companies and organizations continue to turn to One Creations when looking for web designers in Hertfordshire. Customer testimonials and feedback is something that we are proud to share, as it demonstrates that there is real substance behind our claims of being at the forefront of web design, far beyond the capabilities and confidence zones of others. At One Creations, we work in the closest possible contact with each individual client, making sure that we do not dictate what can or should be done, but instead listening carefully to the wishes, requirements, suggestions and constructive criticism in order to realize the clients’ online dreams.

In this increasingly online world, no one wants to lag behind. Smartphones, tablets and other rapidly evolving technology calls for cross-platform and cross-device compatibility and operability of the highest degree. Careful planning and impeccable execution are a must. Technical capabilities and confidence in success are a necessity. And creativity and innovation certainly help. When browsing through web designers in Hertfordshire, give One Creations a shot – we will not let you down.

Magento Live UK 2013 – Recap

photo 1

I’ve just returned from another great event , Magento live UK 2013 . The event was very well organised with lot of great breakout sessions with fantastic general sessions. I thought, in reflection, what did I learn at Magento live UK and what can I take away with me. 3 things stood out during the two day event which are How Magento likes to position itself as a global leader in eCommerce , How mobile eCommerce effects consumer behavior and how innovative advances in technology will help to shape up how consumers interact with the retail world.

Roy Rubin - COO / Co founder - Magento

Roy Rubin – COO / Co founder – Magento


Already Magento is seen as the single largest eCommerce platform of choice in the UK.Roy Rubin (COO and Co-founder Magento Inc ) explained how small to large enterprises have selected  Magento as their eCommerce platform and how further investment both in technology and people will shape up its future. As Magento solution partners we were genuinely excited to hear how these advances will help us to offer exceptional quality and flexibility to our customers. I was particularly  impressed with how Magento will enable us to create mobile friendly websites using the architecture and how mobile features will become a inherited part of of future Magento versions.

Jimmy Duvall, Head of Product

Jimmy Duvall, Head of Product


Huge emphasis was given on mobile eCommerce and rightly so ! As per official reports out 2013 Q1 , 1 in every 5 eCommerce transactions have completed using a mobile.Its predicated over the next 5 years multi-screen (smart phones , touch screen tablets etc.) will over take the traditional eCommerce sales. Its was good to see how Magento recognizes the real need for Magento ecosystem should be mobile enabled. John Lunn ,( PayPal global director for development ) delivered a fantastic keynote speech on how PayPal’s new innovative technology will shape up our every day retail experience. Overall my experience was very positive and excited to be a part of change . One key phrase really stuck on my mind “Disrupt how you do business otherwise someone else will do” Looking forward to the next event . Until the next post Ciao !

Becoming a Magento Developer

The world of web development is becoming increasingly more interesting. Web developers have so many career paths and niche markets to choose from. One area that has been growing rapidly, both in traditional web and mobile platforms, is e-commerce. Over the past decade, many tools have been developed that make programming e-commerce sights simpler and more interesting. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms right now is Magento. Despite only being a few years old, the Magento web application is already being used by top brands for their e-commerce sites. As a developer, it will only be beneficial to you and your career to gains some understanding of the Magento platform. A Magento developer will have many opportunities ahead of them.

hire magento developersMost companies who are working with the Magento platform will need a front end Magento developer as well as a back end Magento developer, so no matter what your forte is as a developer, you should be able to tackle Magento. Fortunately, being a Magento developer for either field is interesting. For front end developers focusing on user interface, Magento provides many useful features such as product display templates, mobile interface options, and filtering and categorization options. For back end developers, Magento has both traditional web and mobile platforms to make cross-development simple, as well as other features such as transaction details (including payment, account, and discount and promotion options), and multi-store options.

Because Magento is still a fairly new application, odds are you didn’t learn how to program with it while you were in college or university. As is the case with many new web development tools and applications, there will always be people who never end up taking advantage of it because they are unfamiliar with it and don’t feel it’s necessary to take the time to learn about it. However, this line of thinking will lead to an early end to your career. Developers must keep themselves current, otherwise their work becomes outdated, and nobody wants to pay for outdated work. Fortunately, there are Magento developer certification programs that you can take to learn about working with Magento. Magento developer programs are available for both front end and back end developers, and range from short, simple courses that cover the basics, to longer, more in-depth courses go into a lot more detail. In addition to learning about Magento, taking one of these courses will have an added bonus: it will look good on your resumé. Employers and clients alike like to see developers who aren’t afraid to learn about new technology, and having your Magento developer certification will prove just that.

If you have any interest in developing e-commerce sites, it is in your best interest to learn your way around Magento. As a Magento developer, you will be in high demand and will have plenty of interesting employment opportunities. As you know, the world of development is a rapidly changing one, and staying ahead of the game is the only way to stay relevant in the industry.

Develop Growth in Your Business with a Magento Web Developer

Every successful retail business needs its own online presence. Those who wish to further themselves in regard to revenue take their sales to the World Wide Web. This is where a Magento ecommerce platform is helpful because it allows users to grow their online business by allowing customers to purchase through their online website. This helps owners to broaden their sales market and generate revenue from sources they otherwise might not have been able to. Magento is believed to be one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world, with over 60,000 customers already using the software. When seeking the services of a Magento ecommerce platform, it is important to choose a reliable and effective company. One Creations is the only Magento web developer in Hertfordshire who has obtained the Magento partnership, so you know that our services are sure to please.

One Creations has been developing ecommerce platform solutions in partnership with Magento since 2009. We work to bring our services to all types of businesses, ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to start-ups. We are able to work with such a wide range of customers because we keep our prices affordable while providing a personal service to every customer we deal with, which makes us an excellent choice for a Magento web developer.

magento web developer in UKEcommerce software has seen a significant growth over the last year and will only continue to grow as the years go on, especially one such as Magento. By choosing the correct ecommerce program for your business, you are helping it to grow to its full potential. But what’s so great about Magento besides the fact that it’s affordable and reliable? Well, there are many things. Mainly, Magento is highly scalable, and can support an unlimited amount of products and different product categories. Not to mention its payment gateway and shipping integrations, which offers the most well-known payment providers, including PayPal and Google Checkout, as well as providing real time shipping rates. Analytics reporting, customer services, and search engine optimization are among the other benefits that are gained when you choose Magento as your ecommerce platform. You’ll get all this and more when you choose One Creations as your Magento web developer.

There are also different packages available for whatever business level you are currently at. These packages include Magento Go, Magento Community, and Magento Enterprise. Magento Go is ideal for businesses that are just started their ecommerce adventure. This low cost model is easy to set up and manage, so it fits well with those who are not familiar with such software. Magento Community is good for businesses who have already established ecommerce businesses, as it comes with all of the essential features that are necessary to grow your online business. Magento Enterprise is, of course, suitable for those who already own well established businesses and wish to grow them to their full potential, and includes a library of feature, support and training. With One Creations as a Magento web developer, we can help you decide which package is the best for your business. Contact us today for more information and a consultation.

How Magento eCommerce turns Websites into Opportunities

What can you buy on the Internet these days? Actually, a better question would be what can’t you buy online these days! This phenomenon of ecommerce, of buying and selling goods and services online, is relatively recent but is undeniably an irreversible part of the way that the business world is going to work from now on. Smart businesses are taking advantage of ecommerce for its accessibility, its efficiency and its nearly infinite capacity for customization, and the smartest businesses are hiring Magento ecommerce to turn their websites into high-tech but simple-to-use moneymaking machines.

Magento ecommerce is more than just web design. The Internet is full of websites that look pretty but don’t accomplish any useful purpose. Our experts will make your websitemagento for ecommerce stand out by knowing which words your customers will be using to search for websites just like yours and making sure they rise to the top of any list of search engine results. This process is called search engine optimization and it is one of the most powerful tools available to online businesspeople. Having a keyword-optimized website is like having a huge and attractive billboard set up on the main strip of town… guaranteed to get you noticed.

Of course, it doesn’t do to forget about the virtues of good web design. Just because looks aren’t everything doesn’t mean they’re not an absolutely vital part of the online business experience. The experts at Magento ecommerce will get to know you and your business. Once they understand your goals and your brand image, they will help you build a website that reflects your business as you want your customers to see it. If you want them to see your clean, crisp, professional side, Magento can give you a simple and elegant website. If your services and products are better sold with a cheery, upbeat approach, you’ll end up with a site that makes you smile every time you see it.

Finally, Magento ecommerce sets itself apart from the rest with is top-notch customer service. Your business is unique, as are your wants, your needs and your vision. They don’t just force your business website into a template and assume that will be good enough for your because it worked for someone else. Magento understands that your strength as a businessperson comes from your individuality and they strive to help you express that individuality in a way that will earn your customers’ admiration… and, of course, their business!

Ecommerce is going to be around as long as the Internet is a part of our culture… and it would be hard to find anyone who thinks the Internet will ever go away! Fortunately, ecommerce is good news for businesses that are willing to spend the time and effort to go online and tap the endless opportunities to be found there. A well-made and well-maintained website is a wonderful opportunity in and of itself, and the experts at Magento ecommerce are there to help you take full advantage. Where can the Internet take your business? Time to find out!

Magento Development for eCommerce

If only there existed an eCommerce product that allows you to do everything you need through customization while not being too prohibitively expensive! If only it were based on open source software, thus allowing further work on it… Still thinking about these ‘ifs’? Then you must have missed a major development on the eCommerce front in the past decade – the Magento development. Since appearing on the stage in 2001, it has earned the hearts and the business of numerous organizations throughout the world that wanted to get more out of their online presence.

magentoThe Magento development in eCommerce is hailed by many as the major platform that has revolutionized the way businesses see their opportunities for online growth. It is easy to see why. One of the great features that strikes the mind with its many pathways is scalability. Magento does not really care if you have one product or a thousand, if all of the products fall into the same five categories or each one is a separate entity. As it is highly customizable, with client access to the software code, the speed of results delivery is striking, even with several activated add-ons. The very idea of having open-source access to the code base is something one does not normally expect in a platform of this magnitude, yet Magento has stayed true to its origins.

It should be noted that paid offerings or tiers of the Magento development platform do exist. The first tier, community, is free to download, yet packed with useful and unique features that would come at a cost elsewhere. The professional and the enterprise tiers see more add-ons and features as part of the package, and yet the community one is a great start for a business that has appropriate development experience. As always with open-source platforms, due diligence needs to be taken to have a dedicated professional working on the eCommerce account.

As mentioned before, don’t let the word ‘free’ make it seem that the base Magento development version is bare-bone. Far from it. It has everything from complex payment gateway integration with major providers to a state-of-the-art shipping management system to an unmatched user-friendly analytics and reporting portal that puts all of the information and tools at your disposal. Your customers would also enjoy the customer service and experience enhancement capabilities built into the platform. These capabilities allow for the creation of customized accounts, order tracking and individualized experience. As the positive feedback from some 60 thousand merchants indicates, the ready availability of all of these features is the drawing factor that makes Magento click. And makes the customers click too, for that matter.

If you are not yet convinced, take the Magento development platform for eCommerce out for a spin. It has everything your business needs for rapid growth of your online potential, and in the hands of professionals it can easily and quickly surpass the abilities of every other package out there. Join the thousands of happy online merchants and their customers. Magento has what it takes.

One Creations Releases Its Magento Health Check Service

(Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK, Aug 22, 2013) —- Representative with One Creations Limited announced today that its Magento Health Check Service is now up, running, and ready to serve all businesses.

“A lot of businesses suffer from having a poor quality Magento website, as well as speed issues, which lead to poor customer satisfaction and poor conversion rates,” said Nick Trinnaman, marketing manager and spokesman for One Creations. “This is often the result of poor quality work without looking into technical details in Magento.”

Trinnaman explained that its new Magento Health Check Service will identify problems and provide solutions to fix whatever is wrong.

“This is something that we know for a fact that’s needed, so we’re just honored to be able to provide the service,” Trinnman stressed, before adding, “One Creations new service allows you to get a professional health check of your Magento store.”

The company spokesman noted that the newly opened Magento Health Check Service will identify all areas of the website that needs improving and optimizing.

Those who take advantage of the health checkup, according to Trainnaman, will receive a detailed report.

“This report will cover both front and backend checks, which covers on set up quality, functionality, usability, speed and performance,” Trinnaman said. “This is a flat out win, win service for any business with a Magento website. If there are any bugs or things not working quite right, our new service will point it out and provide a quick solution for it. There’s really nothing to lose by trying this service. However, there is plenty to gain.”

For more information about One Creations, please visit: and

One Creations Completes Its 20th Magento Project for 2013

(Hertfordshire, UK, Aug. 19, 2013) —- Representative with One Creations ( announced today that it has completed its 20th Magento project for 2013.

“We’re so excited to be at this point of the business year,” said Nick Trinnaman, marketing manager and spokesman for One Creations. “We’ve helped many small to medium-sized companies to experience the full potential of the Magento ecommerce system.”

Magento is an ecommerce platform that lets website owners list items for sale online as part of an online shop. It supports checkout with many different payment methods, a range of extensions, and is currently the fastest growing solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Trinnaman pointed out that One Creations has invested significantly in Magento through staff training, Magento partnerships and certifications, as well as creating best practices guides, and more.

The company spokesman went on to added that although One Creations is excited to have completed 20 Magento projects this year, the company’s ultimate goal is to become the preferred Magento solution provider by 2015 in London and Hertfordshire.

“Our team of highly skilled web designers utilizes Magento to create websites that really work, not just look pretty,” Trinnaman stressed. “We don’t use template-based designs either. All our designs are made from scratch to match your expectations and requirements. Basically, it’s tailor made for our clients’ requirements.”

For more information about One Creations, please visit: and