Integrate your business across the Amazon marketplace


Amazon is one of the most successful market places in the UK. Magento integrates with Amazon with an extension supported by eBay M2B. At One Creations, we provide specialised Amazon Integration which enables you to automatically list, de-list and manage your Amazon and website products from a centralised location.

As a specialist in the trade, we are fully equipped to offer you Magento Amazon Integration with a range of accounting and business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and GP; Sage 50 and Sage 200, SAP.

We are also fully equipped to integrate the Amazon Marketplace listings with your existing website whether it be a standard package such as Magento or PHP, .NET based.

Amazon integration has proven results to many of our clients with a guaranteed increase in revenue.  

Key benefits:

  • Helps to increase product visibility across multiple channels and geographies
  • Supports multiple marketplaces / stores / accounts and views
  • Allows eBay listing and eBay order management tasks to be done using the Magento backend system
  • Saves time and reduces data entry errors with only one data entry point
  • Provides a high level of customisation via policy based approach
  • Prevents overselling with real-time stock and order management
  • Creates native Magento order for each eBay order and dynamically links them together
  • Facilitates the use of various pricing strategies across different channels and geographies
  • Fully automates the listing management process and allows users to create flexible rules
  • Auto responds to buyer’s feedback by using predefined response templates
  • Facilitates extensive logging capabilities
  • Supports 3rd party listing tools

Features of Magento Amazon integration

We use the award-winning Magento trusted ™ extension ‘M2E Pro’, which allows the full integration of Magento based system(s) into the Amazon platform, regardless of the size of your business.  Another feature of Amazon integration is that it allows products with similar characteristics to be grouped together and to be managed efficiently saving time while facilitating bulk updates. The extension offers simple modes such as the ability to get your products listed within 10 minutes; and it also facilitates more advanced feature-rich modes as well.

Amazon Magento integration features:

  • Manage product listing directly from the Magento store
  • Set up different shipping rules
  • Create and manage different pricing strategies for amazon listings
  • Real time stock management to prevent overselling
  • Create Magento native order automatically
  • Auto responding to buyer’s feedback using pre-set templates
  • Support multiple market places


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